FAQ, Embroidery, & Misc


Here's where we'll address some of the more frequently asked questions as well as standards on custom embroidery options, and expected timelines on building and shipping.


Custom Imbroidery 

You'll notice that many of our products have an option to add custom embroidery. This is an awesome way to personalize a a tool like a running tether to make those epic adventures all the more special. Since each product is made by hand by one of our staff, and the fact that we can't stock any custom pieces, expect your shipping time to be longer than if you were to order a non custom product. On average we try to do a run of custom pieces once per week. This means that it could take up to 7 business days for us to build your custom piece. During our more busy times of the year we may even turn off the custom embroidery option on our products. If you ever have any questions or want to talk over a custom idea, just send us an email at wtf@bigblindambition.com 


Build and Shipping Timelines 

We aim to have any standard product built, boxed, and shipped within 2 business days. No, we are not amazon where we can guarantee that your order will show up at your door approximately 18 seconds after placing your order. that said, if you have a specific and time sensitive need such as a fast approaching race, we will do everything we can to get you your order. Just send us an email or reply to your order confirmation with any relevant details. If you want to save time, include your phone number in that email so that a member of our team can follow up quickly if needed.


Q: Is it true that this business is comprised of people who are blind?

A: Yes, this is absolutely true. It was founded by a few blind friends and now we're still here grinding to deliver the best products we can to people.


Q: Where are your products made?

A: All of our products are designed and built in the USA.


Q: what kind of materials do you use in your products? What goes into choosing those materials?

A: The vast majority of our materials are made in the USA. The only time we use non USA made materials is when there is no viable USA option such as a custom pin and feed tray used to emboss a particular type of braille. This product in particular is made in Sweden. We are meticulous when choosing what materials goes in our products. For example, the bungee cordage used in our open water swim tethers is a specific type of marine grade variant to reduce degradation in salt water.


Q: I have an idea or request for a custom product. Can Big Blind Ambition build it for me?

A: There are no guarantees but we'd love to hear your idea and can discuss design and pricing. Just shoot us an email at wtf@bigblindambition.com 


Q: Why is your main email called wtf?

A: Most of the time, when customers contact a company, it's kinda a wtf moment for you customers so we figured we'd include that in our email to show solidarity with your woes!