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Individual Trauma Medical Kit

Individual Trauma Medical Kit

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This individual trauma medical kit is an individual blow out kit designed to address severe trauma and medical emergencies. This isn't your booboo kit with small bandages and dressings, this is a kit designed to address the MARCHE protocol including arterial bleeding, impaired airways, lung punctures, etc. All products are genuine high quality items, the exact same gauze, tourniquets, and dressings carried in the US military. No knock-off or cheap replicas. When someone's life is on the line, it's not worth going cheap.


The splay-open heavy duty pouch is designed to securely hold all of the trauma kit's contents securely and well organized. The kit folds together for a compact and secure size, but quickly deploys open so that all of your gear is easily accessible. This kit is available both fully stocked and just the pouch.



Combat Application Tourniquet Gen 7

4" Trauma Dressing 

(2) Wound-Packing Gauze 

Halo Pair (2) Chest Seals 

nasopharyngeal airway

Heavy Duty Duct Tape 




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