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MOLLE PALS Webbing to Hook and Loop Velcro Converter

MOLLE PALS Webbing to Hook and Loop Velcro Converter

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This product started life as a custom order but by popular demand, we are now carrying it as a standard production item. This converts your MOLLE / PALS backed gear such as pouches, panels, hydration, etc. into a velcro mounted product. Many bags and internal organization pockets especially in the military world are velcro / hook and loop lined to customize the internal organization of those items. This product takes your existing MOLLE / PALS accessories, and makes them compatible with those hook and loop internals.

This product comes in both 3x3, 5x5, and 2x5 versions. On one side is the grid of PALS webbing, on the other side is the non fuzzy / often rough side of hook and loop (velcro). The 2x5 version is 2 columns and 5 rows meaning 2 across and 5 down.

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