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Big Blind Ambition

Running Hand Tether

Running Hand Tether

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This is a running hand tether meant for blind runners. For information about the running waist belt tether click here. For information about the running convertible waist to hand tether click here. This tether is meant to be used to provide tactile feedback between a blind runner and their guide. Each runner holds on to opposite ends of the tether. 


We also offer a running waist belt tethers for this wishing to tether around the waist. That option keeps the hands free but comes with more of a learning curve and is not allowed in a small number of elite races. 


The specifications of this hand tether complies with all World Para Athletics regulations on tethers incase you are racing a WPA sanctioned event such as the Boston Marathon. 


This product along with everything else we produce is proudly made in the USA by our blind squad!

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