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Small Athlete Medical Pouch Kit

Small Athlete Medical Pouch Kit

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This pocket sized medical kit is perfect for treating the most likely wounds and injuries encountered while you are out adventuring and otherwise athletically dominating life. The goal when creating this was to maximize capabilities while keeping things compact enough to not leave behind when you are headed out your door since a medical kit that is left at home does you no good if you need it while you are out on the trail or on your next training session.

This kit starts with the heavy duty pouch that we sew ourselves right here in the USA. The outside of the pouch is slick with nothing to snag to make it easier to slide in a cycling jersey pocket or trail vest. A strong strip of hook and loop keeps the lid closed so that there are no unintentional lid openings. Inside, you’ll find two slot pockets, a smaller one to hold the smaller medical items, and a larger pocket to hold the bulkier items.

This kit contains medical gear to treat the most common injuries and needs for someone in the outdoors and living an active athletic lifestyle. Items included are:
- 4 inch Genuine North American Rescue compression bandage. (This is for the dressing, protecting, or compressing of more serious wounds and road rash than can be addressed by bandaids.)
- 5 assorted gauze pads / dressings
- Topical antibiotic (reusable tube and not a single use packet for use on multiple occasions)
- Assorted bandaids for smaller scrapes and cuts
- 4 Alcohol prep pads

- Tape
- Gloves (because if it is wet and not yours, don’t touch it directly)

We include high quality medical products in this kit such as the genuine North American Rescue 4 inch compression bandage, not cheap uncertified or questionably sterile items. The non-waterproof items such as bandaids and gauze pads are included inside of resealable plastic sleeves.

So rarely do people think about medical needs while out and about adventuring. This product makes a really easy kit that you can just have on you at all times and not worry about it. It makes a wonderful gift for people you care about too. Especially those who wouldn’t bother creating one for themselves.

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