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Swimming 4 Loop Drop Leg Elastic Tether with Quick Release Buckles

Swimming 4 Loop Drop Leg Elastic Tether with Quick Release Buckles

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This swim tether is used by a blind swimmer and their guide while open water swimming to keep them together. a thick elastic cord wraps around the swimmer's waist then drops down to a strap that wraps around one thigh. The cord then extends from one swimmer's thigh to the other swimmer connecting to their thigh strap. The cord then rises from the thigh to wrap around the other swimmer's waist. 


This drop down feature is essential to avoid the arms of either swimmer hitting the tether while stroking free style. The quick release buckle on the thigh strap makes it easier to remove the tether during practice or high speed race scenarios. 


The purpose of the waist cord is to stop the thigh strap from slipping down during swims. People who only use a tether around one leg often find that their tether has come off mid swim. People who only use a waist tether without the drop down feature find their tether-side arms constantly hitting the tether with each stroke.


The tether's specifications is compliant with USA Triathlon and World Triathlon regulations on swim tether length and elasticity incase you are racing competitively with it. 

This product along with everything else we produce is proudly made in the USA by our blind squad!

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